E-Kits and Dispensing Cabinets Reclaimable Unit Dose (Select Seal™ ) Unit Dose Box One Package, One Inventory, Multiple Applications With the Omnicell Unit Dose foil labeling system, you can efficiently print, package and seal medications to be dispensed in varying quantities (from single dose to short-cycle to 30-day regimen). Along with providing the flexibility to package medications in multiple systems, Omnicell Unit Dose enables pharmacies to reduce waste, minimize labor, and control inventory. Centralize Pre-Pack Inventory: Omnicell Unit Dose provides the option to create a centralized inventory of prepackaged foil and blister for use in reclaimable and non-reclaimable blister cards, unit dose box, and E-kits for greater economies of scale. Return & Reuse: When used together, Omnicell Unit Dose and SelectSeal™ blister cards allow for the reclamation of unused medication in states where the return and reuse of unused medication is permissible. Med Cards are used to easily repackage medications into a blister card format. 64 Unit Dose