Omnicell VBM 200F Automation for SureMed® Multimed Adherence Cards 22 The Omnicell® VBM 200F is the only automated pharmacy solution that efficiently and accurately fills and checks SureMed® multiple medication blister cards.The VBM 200F ensures pharmacies have the competitive advantage to easily scale their business to improve adherence and patient outcomes today. Increase Revenue. Decrease Expenses. Free up pharmacy staff and reduce operating expenses. • Throughput of 35-40 sealed and audited cards per hour • Small-footprint, ergonomic design that fits through a standard doorway • Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance • Does not require compressed air and can run on 110V • Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface Accuracy You Can Trust • The VBM 200F utilizes unparalleled and proven vision technology to verify every medication for each individual blister before the card is filled. • Reduce Human Errors with Guided Light Manual Fill Trays • Uninterrupted Workflow with ability to exchange/refill cassettes during production • Process Tracking with Smart RFID Medication Trays • Barcode Tracking Audit at the Workstation