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November 09, 2020

Welcome to Opening Day of Omnicell Illuminate 2020

Randall Lipps
Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder, Omnicell

Today, I was excited to join thousands of registrants representing pharmacy, nursing, informatics, and healthcare leaders for the launch of Omnicell Illuminate 2020, one of the year’s biggest digital events dedicated to technology-driven medication management. This three-day event is bringing together the best and brightest minds to address challenges impacting healthcare and define a vision for improving medication management to advance the goal of zero-error medication management.

We have more than 50 industry experts leading health systems, including from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, Stanford, UCSF, TidalHealth, and Massachusetts General, just to name a few, addressing topics from controlled substance management to IV compounding, and more. 

The year 2020 caught the healthcare world by surprise. To say it’s been a challenge is an understatement. But there’s great optimism among pharmacists, nurses and executives that new digital medication management solutions will reimagine the pharmacy for greater safety and success as we head into a new decade. In fact, many healthcare attendees at this conference believe this will be an exciting and pivotal year for the industry.

I was proud to kickoff Omnicell Illuminate 2020 with the keynote presentation “The Hardest Day” — a powerful “what-if” scenario based on a day in the life of a modern pharmacy leader who is dealing with an impending healthcare crisis in her local community.

The hypothetical story highlights how a pharmacy leader — in the face of crisis — compiles real-time data from across several drug databases and automated systems to give her the predictive analytics to make critical medication management decisions in the face of an emergency. Armed with data, the leader joins the crisis response team comprised of virologists, nurses, pharmacists, and informatics experts to start a formulary. Through this visibility, our pharmacy leader is able to rely on superior data intelligence, predictive analytics and medication visibility – all supported by a cloud-based platform — to successfully address this challenge head on.

“The Hardest Day” demonstrates the power of the fully Autonomous Pharmacy – our goal to achieve zero-error medication management and set the tone, tenor and overarching theme of Omnicell Illuminate 2020, magnifying the importance of having interoperability and intelligence across your pharmacy systems to empower pharmacists to work at the top of their license and do what they do best: care for patients.

Join us tomorrow for Day 2 of Omnicell Illuminate 2020, when EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Scott Seidelmann will be sharing Omnicell’s Product Vision, followed by a full day of breakout sessions targeted to pharmacy, nursing, informatics, and leadership. And check back soon for more details on event replays from all of Illuminate’s great presentations.


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