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November 13, 2020

Streamlining Use of Technology at the Point of Care

Nilesh Desai
Chief Pharmacy Officer, Baptist Health System

Medication management, especially with specialized drugs, has become increasingly complex for clinicians. Complicating matters is that 80% of medication management is done outside of the pharmacy.

So, how can we make medication management easier for nurses so they’re not darting across hospital hallways searching for medications to retrieve?

One word: cloud.

During our Omnicell Illuminate 2020 presentation “Streamlining Use of Technology at the Point of Care,” Nish Parekh, Vice President of Point of Care Solutions at Omnicell, and I explored how cloud-based solutions are getting us closer to the goal of zero-error medication management.

That goal is the cornerstone of the Autonomous Pharmacy, a shift from inefficient, error-prone, medication management processes to intelligent technology and automation designed to protect patients and empower practitioners. We explored how Omnicell is moving to a common cloud data platform for higher availability and improved security. By maximizing cloud capabilities and digital connectivity across all systems, we can deliver a better overall experience for clinician and patient.

Nish also shared how development roadmaps are being shaped to optimize management of medication floor stock inventory and controlled substances, to improve pharmacy, nursing and anesthesiology workflows. Attendees also learned best practices for deploying automated dispensing technology at the point of care, and how

to identify the business drivers necessary to justify automated dispensing systems technology investment.

Taken together, this holistic solution – combining a cloud-based platform, workflow automation, and data intelligence solutions supported by expert services – delivers improved outcomes in the critical areas of your organization where change is needed most.

Visit omnicell-illuminate.com for updates on accessing a replay of this session and the full slate of Omnicell Illuminate breakout sessions, interactive demos, and other insightful learning opportunities.


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