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September 16, 2020

Adopting Automation Supports Safer, More Efficient Sterile Compounding

Dennis Wright 
Senior Director, Central Pharmacy Dispensing Services, Omnicell

As disruption and uncertainty in the supply of IV medications from outsourced compounding facilities continues, health system pharmacies should reevaluate how they are managing sterile compounding needs. IV automation and technology-enabled services are helping health systems to take greater control of their drug supply, resulting in:

  • Increased quality and safety of compounded sterile preparations
  • Decreased reliance on 503B vendors
  • Reduced costs

Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital implemented Omnicell’s IV compounding service to support in-house production of ready-to-administer (RTA) syringes in 2018. Pharmacy leadership conducted a data-driven evaluation, including key considerations of drug waste, the need for a consistent supply of RTA medications, and gaining a high level of control over the quality of prepared products.

Nearly 1 in 10 IVs are not prepared within guidelines using manual processes, and contamination is one of the most frequent errors. IV automation improves sterile compounding processes as compared to manual preparation. Removing humans from the mix not only decreases the risk of contamination, the gravimetric verification utilized in the robot delivers a final product that is more accurate than one that’s been prepared manually IV compounding robot also ensures that the preparation process is the same every time, reducing opportunity for human error. Following recommended labeling practices further supports quality and safety for compounded sterile preparations.

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