Improve quality, reduce costs, and increase human efficiency through the Autonomous Pharmacy.

The Autonomous Pharmacy is a bold new vision for medication management that seeks to replace manual, error-prone activities with automated processes that are safer and more efficient. The ultimate goal is to reallocate talent to higher-value tasks that help improve patient outcomes.

Why radical pharmacy transformation is needed

Healthcare leaders increasingly struggle with medication management challenges such as increased drug spending, medication waste, drug shortages, and controlled substance diversion.

These challenges are compounded by disjointed manual workflows that keep pharmacists, nurses, and physicians from focusing on what matters most – positive health outcomes through safe and effective medication therapy.

Medication-related problems account for 40% of hospital readmissions.

Transforming the pharmacy care delivery model

Watch this video to learn how Omnicell supports the journey to the Autonomous Pharmacy to help you solve the biggest challenges in pharmacy with confidence.

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Omnicell Autonomous Pharmacy

Advance your journey with our Autonomous Pharmacy platform

As clinical process engineers who care passionately about health and wellness, we’re dedicated to building the world’s first zero-error, fully automated medication management platform that helps you realize the potential of the Autonomous Pharmacy.

Omnicell’s powerful combination of hardware, software, and technology-enabled services, delivered through a cloud platform, is designed to improve patient safety, efficiency, and compliance while reducing costs.

Nodes on the network

On-demand pharmacy data about all of your medication and supplies, all the time.

A goal of the Autonomous Pharmacy is to transform each unit dose of medication and each medical supply item to a digital node on your network.

As medication moves from central pharmacy to point of care, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians use connected devices and integrated systems to access detailed information and easy-to-understand data insights.

Omnicell customers around the world are responding to industry challenges by initiating change management and digital transformation strategies. These healthcare institutions are already experiencing the benefits of their Autonomous Pharmacy platforms.

See what customers have to say about their Autonomous Pharmacy transformation.

“I define the autonomous pharmacy as one in which pharmacy technicians manage automated, intelligent systems to run the practice of medication storage, preparation, and distribution... In turn, pharmacists are free to focus on the clinical aspects of patient care and also use intelligent systems to improve outcomes.”

— Chris Fortier

Chief Pharmacy Officer, Massachusetts General

“The autonomous pharmacy is the pharmacy of the future, and with it TCH is streamlining workflows, driving cost savings, and transforming patient care. ”

— Gee Mathen

Director Pharmacy Clinical Applications & Technical Services, Texas Children's Hospital

“Automating the distributive processes enhances patient safety, improves efficiency, and creates inventory visibility for better management. And in the end, you have a much more gratified staff because they know they are making a positive clinical impact at the bedside for our patients.”

— John Feucht

Vice President, Pharmacy Services, Summa Health

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