Anywhere RN Remote Medication Management

Product Overview

Anywhere RN™ creates a flexible medication administration process that positively impacts nursing and patient safety. It is a web-based application that lets nurses remotely perform medication management tasks away from the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC).

Reduce Crowding at the Cabinet

Time savings from remote medication management

Crowding at the ADCs takes valuable time away from nurses and also limits access for pharmacy. Nurses often feel rushed if others are waiting in line, which causes stress and can increase the potential for medication errors.

Reduce Steps and Interruptions

By reducing the number of trips to and from the ADC, Anywhere RN helps reduce the potential for interruptions that can lead to medication errors in nursing, and it frees up more time for patient care.

Flexible Access

Anywhere RN allows nurses to access vital information from a laptop or computer workstation, whether they are in the patient room or nurses station.

    It is ideal for acute care and long-term care environments.


    Simplifies Workflow 

    • Fewer lines at the cabinet during the medication pass process increases nurse satisfaction.

    • Fewer trips to the cabinet saves time and energy.

    Helps to Reduce Medication Errors in Nursing 

    • Nurses can request medications and review orders from quieter areas where they can better concentrate. 
    • Reduces the potential for interruptions and distractions that can cause errors.

    Customer Results With Anywhere RN

    • Automated dispensing cabinet medication removal time decreased 33%.1
    • 63% of nurses reported that medication administration efficiency increased.2
    • 77% of nurses reported being able to perform a double-check of medications due to additional time freed-up.3
    • 54% of nurses reported reduced interruptions in the medication administration process.2
    • 83% of nursing staff would recommend Anywhere RN to their nurse colleagues.3

    1 Data collection from cabinet log file analysis.2 Monegan B. Nurse interrupted: South Jersey Hospital uses technology to reduce disruptions, avoid errors. Healthcare IT News. June 2010. Accessed 2/14/13. 3 Data from nursing surveys.

    • Compatible with Internet Explorer 9.
    • "My Patients" list adds speed and convenience.  
    • "Medication Availability" indicates cabinet where medications are located.
    • Patient privacy features
    • Remotely manage:
      • Medication orders
      • Returns
      • Wasting
      • Medication overrides