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Omnicell’s Advanced Services provide varying combinations of robotics, smart devices, software, and expert services designed to deliver measurable outcomes in each setting of care. These comprehensive offerings help healthcare facilities streamline manual workflows, reduce waste, improve inventory visibility, and enable staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Explore Omnicell’s Advanced Services

Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service
Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service
IV Compounding <Br/>Service
IV Compounding
Point of Care Service
Point of Care Service
Inventory Optimization Service
Inventory Optimization Service
Specialty Pharmacy Services
Specialty Pharmacy Services
Outpatient Digital Pharmacy Services
Outpatient Digital Pharmacy Services

Enhance Dispensing Accuracy and Pharmacy Workflows

Combining advanced robotic technology, dispensing optimization software, and onsite and remote experts, this offering helps reduce medication dispensing errors and waste, improve accuracy, and streamline workflows, allowing pharmacy staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Gain Control of Your IV Supply Chain

This combination of robotic technology, analytics, and onsite and remote experts helps health systems bring IV compounding in-house – an effort that can minimize outsourcing costs and OR drug waste while increasing IV accuracy, sterility, and supply chain control.

Optimize utilization of automated dispensing cabinets

This combination of data-driven performance analysis and specialized expertise helps improve ADC adoption and optimization, enabling nurses to spend less time on manual tasks and more time with patients.

Improve Inventory Visibility and Optimization

Combining predictive and prescriptive analytics with clinical expertise, this offering is designed to provide end-to-end inventory insights to enhance efficiency and reduce medication waste, expirations, shortages, and stockouts.

Fast-Track Specialty Pharmacy Operations and Growth

This turnkey service is designed to help health systems establish, manage, and optimize an entity-owned specialty pharmacy – an effort that can increase growth, improve cost savings, and improve patient access to Limited Distribution Drugs.

Improve Efficiency and Medication Adherence

A full suite of solutions that provides pharmacies of all types with clinical and financial automation and a digital omnichannel patient engagement platform designed to improve efficiency and patient medication adherence.

Case Study

Temple University Hospital Improves Drug Access, Revenue with Specialty Pharmacy

Temple University Hospital partnered with Omnicell to launch an in-house specialty pharmacy in just five months, increasing sales by 45%.


IV Compounding Service at Allegheny Health Network

Learn how Omnicell’s full-service, subscription-based model has helped Allegheny Health Network achieve a clear, quick path to improved outcomes with no capital investment.

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Texas Children’s Hospital Leverages Central Pharmacy Robotics for ADC Replenishment

Texas Children's Hospital and Omnicell partnered to leverage the XR2 to fit the institution’s unique needs by supporting dispensing patient-specific and cabinet-restocking medications.