Enhancing nurse efficiency and satisfaction

What if you could significantly improve in the three key areas that have the greatest impact on patient satisfaction?

  • Patient safety
  • Nurse satisfaction
  • Nurse efficiency

As a company that is exclusively focused on medication and supply dispensing automation, Omnicell has worked closely with nurses in designing unique products and features that truly make a difference in these areas, leading to happier nurses, better outcomes, and a more positive patient experience.

Benefits of Omnicell Systems

  • Reduce interruptions that affect patient safety
  • Improve nurse efficiency: reduce the number of steps your nurses take
  • Help nurses gain back control of their time
  • Protect patients from risks associated with narcotics diversion
  • Put an end to time-consuming narcotics counts with the automated Controlled Substance Dispenser
  • Prevent medication errors

Omnicell and Pocket Nujrse Partnership


Omnicell has partnered with Pocket Nurse to supply our automated medication dispensing systems to nursing education institutions. Having this technology available in simulated environments allows aspiring nurses to learn patient safety and inventory control practices for medication management, better preparing them for the workforce.