Omnicell Pharmacy Carousel

Product Overview

The Omnicell® Pharmacy Carousel is an automated pharmacy retrieval system that integrates with Central Pharmacy Manager for comprehensive medication inventory management.

Using Omnicell's automated Pharmacy Carousel can greatly improve staff productivity and reduce medication errors. 

Omnicell is the only company to include a carousel, automated dispensing cabinets, and controlled substance management system on the same platform, keeping system maintenance to a minimum.

    • Better security of medications: controls access in the central pharmacy with user-defined drug classes and the requirement of a user name and password
    • Reduces medication errors: helps pharmacists ensure the right medications are stored in and retrieved from the right locations
    • Maximizes floor space and storage capacity: improves space efficiency up to 60%
    • For use with Central Pharmacy Manager software
    • Automatic chain tensioner lowers risk of downtime caused by shifting items
    • Offers flexible shelf configurations
    • Safety system with light curtain improves operator safety
    • Consolidation of pharmacy inventory in carousel reduces shrinkage by up to 5%
    • Integrated control of the automated Pharmacy Carousel in Central Pharmacy Manager software allows intelligent grouping of medication retrievals (picks), priority management, and synchronized picking with multiple carousels
    • Receive, stock, pick, and return bar code verification to reduce medication errors
    • Pick-to-light technology displays item location, detailed item description, and picking quantity, reducing order processing time by up to 50%
    • Ergonomic design: automatic carousel positioning reduces operator repetitive motion injuries
    • Single-door design enables easier opening and closing
    • Integrated high speed label printer, wireless bar code scanner, and operator workstation all-in-one