Central Pharmacy Manager

Product Overview

With our Central Pharmacy Manager software, guesswork and manual data entry for orders is a thing of the past. This pharmacy management system provides real-time inventory data, tracks usage, and helps optimize inventory levels. You can better coordinate the flow of medication between wholesalers, the central pharmacy, nursing units, and satellite pharmacy sites.

Build Better Workflow With Central Pharmacy Management Software

Central Pharmacy Manager creates an automated pharmacy with best practice workflows:

Pharmacy Carousels—Integration with multiple carousel models consolidates medication storage and streamlines picking and stocking processes

Mobile Technology—Moves inventory management processes away from the workstation for greater efficiency

Pharmacist Verification—To enhance patient safety, pharmacy verification automates the manual process of validating items prior to leaving the pharmacy

Prioritized Picking Queue—Pick transaction types can be ranked and color-coded by priority based on facility preferences

Automated Wholesaler Ordering—Significantly reduces time spent on ordering and receiving, and enables smarter purchasing decisions based on actual usage

Shared Database With Medication Dispensing Cabinets

To simplify operations and ensure a consistent user experience, Central Pharmacy Manager and Satellite Pharmacy Manager share a database with Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and other systems on the Unity platform, via the OmniCenter® server.

 Unity Enterprise Platform

Pharmacy inventory management for satellite sitesSupports Satellite Clinics and Pharmacies

Integration with Omnicell’s Satellite Pharmacy Manager enables you to manage inventory across the entire enterprise.

  • Provides inventory visibility and automated replenishment for satellite pharmacies and clinics, supporting a “hub and spoke” distribution model
  • Supports both cartless and cartfill distribution
  • Lowers inventory costs through automated usage-based reordering—Documented inventory reductions of up to 38%
  • Ensures accuracy by providing automated reconciliation upon receipt of orders from the wholesaler
  • Saves staff time and reduces costs through improved expiration date tracking
  • Increases pharmacy staff productivity by creating an automated pharmacy management system
  • Scales to meet needs of multi-site health systems
  • Omnicell Pharmacy Carousel support
  • Electronic ordering and receiving
  • Prioritized picking queue
  • Pharmacist verification
  • Ability to track and report on multiple cost types
  • Cycle count
  • Web-based ordering for remote locations
  • Automated barcode associations
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory
  • Mobile app available