Perpetual Inventory Management

Lack of inventory visibility, the rising cost of drugs, and drug shortages challenge most pharmacies today. Manual processes make it especially difficult to navigate these issues.

Inventory Ordering

Does this sound familiar? Someone walks by the shelves in the pharmacy, quickly eyeballing the inventory levels and noting anything that looks low. These items are then entered manually and submitted to the vendor for reordering. This process is both time-consuming and prone to error.

Inventory Visibility

Have you ever received calls from nurses who needed a critical medication right away, but you had no way of knowing if any was available in your pharmacy facilities? A pharmacy technician then scrambles to try to find any inventory. Patient care—and outcomes—are at stake.

Using Omnicell’s suite of perpetual inventory management technologies, pharmacists can harness the power of automation to reduce costs and streamline medication inventory management—all while promoting compliance and safety.

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