Performance Center

Product Overview

Challenges with managing medications across a health system are the primary obstacle to taking on more clinically focused initiatives. Your pharmacy supply chain must evolve to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape. 

At the Performance Center, we are committed to making this evolution possible through long-term partnership. We believe that efficiency, compliance, and patient outcomes are inextricably linked to optimizing your medication management process. Together we will drive down cost, improve allocation of resources, and transform your pharmacy. In other words, we will not let you fail.   

Your Performance. Optimized.

The Performance Center gives you the benefits of inventory analytics software and a dedicated team of data scientists and specialized professionals to drive improved performance for your enterprise pharmacy operations. 

By monitoring your pharmacy activity and data captured by our solutions in real time, we can make you aware of potential risks and opportunities. You’ll gain new and ongoing insights into inventory management, central services (such as packaging and compounding), and strategic buying.

What Results Could You Achieve?

Performance Center customers are attaining:

2.2% average annual medication spend savings

20.3% average reduction in inventory levels

77.8% increase in inventory turns

Service and Software = Success

With the Performance Center on your side, you’ll have a team of pharmacy and supply chain experts consistently reviewing your data. You’ll also have a pharmacy scorecard that demonstrates all the actions you took to improve operations.

Performance Center Workflow | Omnicell

Powerful Software that Powers Improvement

An exclusive part of the Performance Center, Enterprise Medication Manager™ (EMM) software is the only pharmacy supply chain solution that provides real-time ability to view and act on medication inventory and demand across every level of your health system.
EMM software helps you:

  • Find any medication anywhere in the health system in seconds
  • Better mitigate drug shortages with shortage list management
  • Move medications among sites and stocking locations with just a few keystrokes
  • Automate manual processes for central distribution of medications
  • Remain compliant with 340B and CSOS regulations when moving medications across facilities

 Current Performance Center customers have realized value in just days after go-live.

  • Aultman Hospital

    Customer Testimonials

    With a simple search I can view average daily usage, days on hand, and current inventory for any medication we have throughout the health system. Before, this would have been next to impossible.

    Rachel Morrow, Pharmacy Informatics Analyst, Aultman Hospital

  • Customer Testimonials

    Monday mornings I always have a stack of one-off item requests, usually for a single patient that will be here for just a few days. When they leave we’re stuck with an entire bottle. Now, I never go to the wholesaler first. I can see if the other hospitals have it and I can just request what I need.

    Pharmacy Buyer

  • Customer Testimonials

    Without EMM, our [central pharmacy] would not function. We would be back to the old ways of receiving orders via e-mails and phone calls. There was no easy way to track orders, history of orders, or status of shipments. There were no packing slips and manual entry of transactions for the GL. It was very difficult with so many mistakes that the sites just wouldn't order from us. With Performance Center, we have more transparency, fewer mistakes, and more automated processes.

    Pharmacy Operations Manager

  • View medication inventory across the enterprise to optimize resources and reduce costs
  • Move shortage medications anywhere in your system with a few keystrokes
  • Find and reallocate expiring medications to faster moving locations
  • Gain advance insight on medication price increases: how much and when


  • Proactive monitoring of your data
  • Ongoing identification of specific opportunities
  • Designated manager to work with your team


  • Medication visibility across the enterprise
  • Inventory and demand data
  • View and act on data in real time