Healthcare Interoperability

Omnicell supports healthcare interoperability

Disparate healthcare systems create disjointed workflow and extra steps for caregivers. In order to increase efficiency and prevent errors, healthcare providers increasingly need interoperability between systems. Omnicell has answered this call by actively developing interoperable solutions with major healthcare information system (HIS) vendors.  No other medication automation company offers the level of interoperability Omnicell delivers.

Omnicell Integration with EHR Systems

Interoperability between the Omnicell automated dispensing cabinet and electronic health record (EHR) saves steps in medication workflow, so medications can be administered to patients sooner. This integration improves nurse satisfaction and enables nurses to spend more time on patient care.

Remote Medication Management—Allows clinicians to preselect medications, view availability, and document waste—functions that previously needed to be done at the cabinet.

Closed-Loop Dose Accountability—Reconciles cabinet dispensing activity with the pharmacy information system to easily identify variances, saving time for pharmacy and nursing.

Learn more about Omnicell healthcare interoperability solutions with the following EHR systems: