Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Product Overview

When you’re accountable for patient care, every minute and every footstep counts. You need technology that gives you a smarter, safer way to manage medications.

The new Omnicell® XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets answer this call. The flexible, revolutionary design allows you to tackle today’s challenges—and tomorrow’s changes. 

Omnicell XT Video Trailer

Check out the Omnicell XT Series video to see our new automated dispensing cabinets in action!

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More easily optimize inventory, minimize stockouts, and reduce missing doses with smart drawer designs and 50% more capacity compared with similar units on the market.


More securely store medications with durable metal locking lid drawers, and prevent medication mix-ups with the integrated Medication Label Printer.


Easily expand the system as your needs change—switch shelves to drawers or the new Controlled Substance Dispenser, and take advantage of future innovations enabled by the modern Starbus electronics architecture.

Omnicell XT Series—Automation that Moves You Forward

  • Safer, simpler medication workflow through interoperability with the electronic health record (EHR) system
  • Reduced system and formulary maintenance for pharmacy and less IT infrastructure with our Unity enterprise platform
  • Freedom to place cabinet accessories where they work best, with secure Bluetooth® wireless options
  • Improved user experience with brighter Guiding Lights that are visible in virtually any environment
  • Diversion prevention that actually saves time—Omnicell Analytics and automated unit-dose dispensing
  • Omnicell XT Med Label Printer

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How are you complying with medication labeling requirements?

    Omnicell is the only company to offer a medication label printer with validated barcode integrated within the cabinet.

  • Omnicell XT Controlled Substance Dispenser

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    Do you want to avoid time-consuming narcotic countbacks?

    Controlled Substance Dispenser automatically dispenses each dose individually, eliminating the need for narcotic counts.

  • Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How can you reduce interruptions that increase risk of medication errors?

    Anywhere RN™—the leading remote medication management software—allows nurses to manage medications in areas where they are less likely to be interrupted.

  • Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How many places do your nurses have to search for patient-specific medications?

    SinglePointe™ creates a safer, automated way to manage patient-specific medications – decreasing missing doses, medication errors, and restock time.

  • Reduce medication errors and improve quality of care 
  • Improve nursing and pharmacy staff efficiency by reducing manual steps and processes 
  • Heighten medication security and diversion prevention 
  • Improve medication tracking and regulatory compliance 
  • Reduce inventory costs and optimize inventory to minimize impact of drug shortages 
  • Minimize redundant data entry, system maintenance, and IT involvement 
  • Seamlessly integrate with your EHR

New and Improved XT Cabinet Features

  • Controlled Substance Dispenser—a completely reengineered unit dose dispenser—automatically dispenses one dose at a time, virtually eliminating narcotic counts
  • 50% more capacity compared with similar units on the market
  • Modern Starbus electronics architecture is adaptable to future innovations 
  • Newly designed metal locking lid and open configurable drawers accommodate nearly all medication dosage forms
  • Easily switch shelves to drawers or the Controlled Substance Dispenser on-site, to adapt to changing needs 
  • Shelf bins and IV shelf tray help optimally organize inventory
  • 15″ touch screen is more responsive—similar to modern smartphones 
  • Guiding Lights to identify location of selected items are six times brighter than before
  • Wireless option for cabinet accessories enables greater freedom in placement:
    • XT External Return Bin 
    • XT FlexLock Refrigerator Lock and Temperature Monitor 
  • XT cabinets can be used with current Omnicell G4 and AcuDose-Rx systems*

Additional Features

  • Integrated Medication Label Printer with validated barcode supports Joint Commission requirements regarding medication labeling
  • Advanced fingerprint bioID system provides fast yet secure access
  • SafetyStock® barcode scanning helps prevent errors 
  • Integrated online medication reference library 
  • Patient Profiling and Scheduled Meds software included
  • Complimentary software upgrades—typically offered twice a year—included with service plan 

Leading Technology

  • Seven years of data—easily accessible
  • Remote access to server
  • Up to 1,000 cabinets can be connected to the Unity enterprise platform 
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with BitLocker Drive Encryption and updated Intel technology enhance reliability, security, and responsiveness

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Most comprehensive menu of reports and ability to create custom reports
  • Can export to Microsoft® Excel and schedule to send to others
  • Omnicell Analytics provides targeted diversion monitoring in dashboard format

* AcuDose-Rx systems in U.S. only


Controlled Substance Dispenser 

  • Stores medications in a separate, secured location in the cabinet and automatically dispenses each dose individually
  • Virtually eliminates time-consuming counts and discrepancies related to controlled substances

SinglePointe™ Patient Medication Management Software

  • Enables you to store, manage and track up to 100% of medications needed for every patient within the automated dispensing cabinet
  • Supports non-stocked and patient-specific items, including multi-use items (e.g. eye drops, creams, inhalers) 

Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management

  • Gives nurses the freedom to remotely interact with the Omnicell cabinet from anywhere in the patient care area
  • Helps to minimize interruptions that could lead to medication errors


Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices

No other medication dispensing system offers more cabinet choices to meet the needs of acute and non-acute care sites. Medications and supplies can be
combined in a single cabinet, adding convenience and saving space. Plus, drawers can easily be added or changed on-site as clinical needs change.

Click here to view and download the Omnicell XT Specifications Sheet.

Main Cabinets (with computer console)

  • One-Cell Cabinet 
  • Two-Cell Cabinet
  • Three-Cell Cabinet
  • Half-Height Cabinet
  • Quarter-Height Cabinet

Auxiliary Cabinets

  • One-Cell Auxiliary Cabinet
  • Two-Cell Auxiliary Cabinet
  • Three-Cell Auxiliary Cabinet

Omnicell Drawer Choices

Metal Locking Lid Drawers

Durable metal locking lids keep medications secure. All drawers include Guiding Lights on the bins.

6-Bin Double-Deep Metal Locking Lid Drawer
Largest locked bin in the industry—easily fits IV bags and other bulky items.

10-Bin Metal Locking Lid Drawer
Two bin sizes enable high-use medications of different sizes to be placed in same area. The larger bin can fit up to three 60 mL PCA units.

18-Bin Metal Locking Lid Drawer
Securely stores a variety of items, including prefilled syringes.

27-Bin Metal Locking Lid Drawer
Two bin sizes enable high-use medications of different sizes to be placed in same area. The larger bin accommodates prefilled syringes and other larger items.

36-Bin Metal Locking Lid Drawer
Securely stores oral solids, vials, and small par level items.

Open Configurable Drawers

Now with greater adjustability and brighter Guiding Lights.

24-Bin Double-Deep Open Configurable Drawer
Extra deep drawer can be configured to include up to 24 bins.

48-Bin Open Configurable Drawer
Drawer can be configured to include up to 48 bins.