Medication Adherence

Product Overview

Looking for Ways to Improve Patient Medication Adherence?

The link between medication non-adherence and readmission in hospitals and nursing homes has been well established. Omnicell can help you do something about it.

Our medication adherence blister card packaging that organizes multiple medications by time of day has proven to help patients stick with their prescribed therapy.

  • Omnicell is a leader in both single dose and multimed adherence packaging.
  • We offer a wide range of packaging options, supplies, and equipment to improve medication management and support medication adherence initiatives.

Ateb Is Now Part of the Omnicell Family

By combining Ateb’s innovative patient engagement platform with the Omnicell portfolio of pharmacy automation and SureMed® medication adherence packaging, we are now uniquely positioned to offer pharmacists an unprecedented suite of pharmacy-based patient care solutions.

Ateb’s Time My Meds®, an integrated medication synchronization solution that improves pharmacy performance, provides the foundation for the appointment-based model of medication refill pickup and consultation.

Learn more from our press release.

Build Revenue With Medication Adherence Services

Omnicell medication adherence blister cards and packaging technologies provide an opportunity for you to realize new sources of revenue by offering adherence pharmacy services.

Find out how you can improve clinical results for patients while increasing profits for your pharmacy by downloading the brochures in the Resources section above.

Benefits of Omnicell Adherence Packaging

  • Adherence rate increased from 22% to 97% with multimed blister packaging.1
  • Patients’ confidence in taking their medications increased from 7% to 93%.2
  • 36% of patients believed Omnicell adherence blister cards helped reduce ER visits and hospitalizations.2

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An industry first, the Medication Adherence Resource Center is a complimentary, non-commercial educational resource. Reflecting Omnicell's ongoing commitment to medication adherence, we've pulled together the most objective and credible information including reports, studies, presentations and practical tools for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. Given our evolving understanding of medication adherence, changing public policy and emerging technologies, we'll be updating MARC on a regular basis.

1. Lee JK, et al. JAMA. December 6 2006;296(21).
2. Research presented by Sharrel Pinto of the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) 2014 Conference.