Pandora Analytics

Product Overview

An abundance of data is available to address issues like inventory management and drug diversion in hospitals, but translating that data into clear insights can be a monumental task.

Pandora™ Analytics can do the work for you. Pandora extracts key data from your medication and supply dispensing systems and transforms it into a user-friendly interactive dashboard with at-a-glance views of key metrics and trends. Simply click to drill down to more detailed information.

More Effectively Detect Drug Diversion

  • Easily track override activities, null/cancelled transactions, and discrepancies
  • Anomalous Usage widget allows you to quickly drill down to specific user details
  • Helps capture potential diversion that may be overlooked with standard reports

Have Greater Visibility to Medication Compliance

Pandora integrates with your automation systems, so you can view data in the OR and procedural areas where there is a greater opportunity for drug diversion.

Improve Inventory Management

Pandora Analytics provides greater visibility into usage and spending patterns to support inventory decisions.

  • Reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels
  • Reduce inventory stockouts that affect patient care
  • Easily identify shortage items
  • Automate the process for implementing par levels in Omnicell dispensing systems with Remote Par Optimization option
  • Identify suspicious activity and assess improvement based on actions taken

  • Promote adherence to established clinical procedures

  • Track operational performance and find opportunities to minimize missing doses

  • Reduce time spent managing shortage items

  • Includes dashboard, task lists, alerts, and automated report scheduling

  • Data is updated daily

  • Filters content for individual user’s area of responsibility and allows modifications as roles change

  • View retrospective data as vast as your reporting database can hold

  • Benchmarking based on your healthcare facility rather than generic hospital data

  • VMware-ready and Citrix-certified, offering multiple deployment scenarios to fit existing infrastructure

  • Centralized authentication with Microsoft Active Directory; relieves burden of user name and password management

See the Bigger Picture

  • Aggregates medication and supply data from other Omnicell automation systems, providing facility-wide visibility of usage and inventory—in central pharmacy, operating rooms, and nursing units—to improve decision making

Pandora Analytics


Pandora requires a hospital-owned server, which ensures data stays within the healthcare facility.

Contact Pandora sales at 724-741-6780 for specific hardware guidance customized to your facility's needs.