Pandora Healthcare Data Analytics

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Product Overview

Lost or diverted medications and the inability to properly manage medication and supply inventory increase costs and affect patient care. An abundance of data is available to address like these, but translating it into clear insights can be a monumental task.

Let Pandora® healthcare data analytics do the work for you. Pandora extracts key data from your medication and supply dispensing systems and transforms it into a user-friendly interactive dashboard that quickly guides your actions.  Two key applications are available:

Pandora Financials – Delivers clear insights to support inventory management decisions that lower costs.

Pandora Clinicals – Provides a more effective way to detect diversion and ensure compliance with medication administration processes.

See the Bigger Picture

Pandora now aggregates medication and supply healthcare data from all Omnicell automation systems. This provides facility-wide visibility of usage and inventory—in central pharmacy, operating rooms, and nursing units—to improve decision making.

Pandora Analytics

Service and Training

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers and have made a strong commitment to service. Omnicell offers free online training and implementation support to ensure you realize the full potential of your Pandora solutions. Learn more on our customer website.


Cost-effective – Feature-rich core software includes dashboard, task lists, alerts, and automated report scheduling at no extra cost—and uses real-time data.

Timely – Run reports on demand with data updated daily.

Integrated – Works with all Omnicell systems, providing facility-wide inventory visibility.

Easy to Use – Dashboard provides insight to patterns at a glance.

Drug Shortage Support – Reduce time spent managing shortage items.

Configurable – Filter content for individual users’ area of responsibility and easily modify as roles change.

  • Training: Omnicell offers a variety of practical, interactive, virtual training opportunities for Pandora system administrators and end users.
  • Reports can be modified, scheduled, and run at any time of day or night.
  • Email alerts warn when performance thresholds are crossed.
  • Data is updated daily.
  • View retrospective data as vast as your reporting database can hold.
  • Benchmarking based on your healthcare facility rather than generic hospital data.
  • Customizable dashboard can be tailored to individuals or groups.
  • "My Views" and "My To Do Lists" quickly filter content to specific areas of focus.
  • VMware-ready and Citrix-certified, offering multiple deployment scenarios to fit existing infrastructure.
  • Centralized authentication with Microsoft Active Directory; relieves burden of user name and password management.

Pandora is a modular system that grows with you. Omnicell offers the following software module to further enhance your Pandora healthcare data analytics system:

Remote Par Optimization (RPO) Module – allows staff to easily make par level recommendations to your Omnicell cabinets with just a few simple clicks.


Pandora requires a hospital-owned server, which ensures data stays within the healthcare facility.

Contact Pandora sales at 724-741-6780 for specific hardware guidance customized to your facility's needs.