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PillVue Color Labeling System

color image labels for faster pharmacist verification che

When it comes to preventing packing and dispensing errors, the PillVue™ Color Labeling System provides complete assurance-at-a-glance. This system captures high resolution images of medications that are used to produce full-color labels that create an easy, effective way to verify the correct medications are in the package. Enhanced software with MVP (multi-view printing) allows simultaneous viewing and printing of license plate labels, pill image labels, and foils for fast and accurate production of pre-packed medications.

With The PillVue™ System You Can:

  • Produce high-resolution, full-color pill image labels for fast, accurate visual verification
  • Create images for new medications at any time, no waiting for updates from an external provider
  • Color code labels for quick visual identification of expiration dates
  • Preview labels and foil simultaneously on screen
  • Print to multiple pharmacy printers with a single print request
  • Capture print history automatically
PillVue Labeled System

The PillVue™ Color Pill
Labeling System Includes:

  • Color label printer
  • Starter ink and labels
  • High-resolution camera system
  • Bar code imaging scanner
  • Labeling software program with
  • starter drug database and images
  • Initial set up and training

Printer Features:

  • High-resolution color print images
  • Fast dry semi-gloss photo labels
  • Easy load 4-ink cartridge system

Camera Features:

  • High-resolution color camera
  • Built in LED light source with polarizer
  • Easy focus adjustments on camera
  • Back-lit lighting system with polarizer
  • Adjustable stand
  • XY base adjustment

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