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The federal 340B Drug Pricing Program continues to be an important source of funding for vital patient care as covered entities face rising healthcare costs, reimbursement cuts, and uncompensated care. 340B is a significant part of an increasingly complex pharmacy supply chain, requiring solutions designed to help providers manage compliance and reporting compliance, while capturing drug cost savings. Technology-driven 340B management is also a key component of Autonomous Pharmacy, an industry vision for zero-error medication management through automation, intelligence, and technology enabled services.

Manage your entire 340B program through a comprehensive 340B solution with a proven record of delivering best-in-class support. Through a combination of industry-leading software, deep knowledge of the 340B program, and software-enabled services, we help deliver superior outcomes for both 340B savings and compliance. Our suite of offerings includes split billing software, contract pharmacy administration, mail order and specialty pharmacy administration, and patient care card programs that offer exceptional compliance and program optimization.

Split Billing Software

Manage hospital mixed-use and owned retail pharmacy 340B programs within a single solution designed to maximize compliance and minimize WAC purchasing.

Built on a market-leading claims qualification engine, this easy-to-use, web-based ordering and inventory management tool is designed to drive productivity and optimize 340B program value, supporting both mixed use and owned retail pharmacy environments.

  • Simplify data ingestion: We accept any EMR extract and many other common data feeds.
  • Save time with our automated crosswalk: Quickly convert up to 95 percent of your charge codes to NDCs with the auto-mapping tool.
  • Unmatched compliance standard: 340B accumulation and replenishment is tied to medication administration records for a clear audit trail indicating the time and location of each dispensation.
  • Manage state-specific reporting: Get the details you need to meet DRA, Medicaid, and Medicare requirements.
  • Streamline ordering processes: Place orders directly with wholesalers and simplify CSOS ordering.
  • Maximize ordering efficiency and savings: View and adjust 340B, WAC, and GPO splits before placing orders.
  • Capture eligible ingredient medications: Map compound drugs for precise capture of each ingredient.
  • Simplify setup of your entity-owned pharmacies: Our flexible claims qualification engine lets you establish separate rule sets for the unique requirements of owned retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and contract pharmacies—all from a single build and platform.
  • Bypass the switch: We can accept claims and cash pay transactions for your owned retail pharmacies directly from your pharmacy management system. Save money on switch fees, improve data accuracy, and eliminate reversals.
  • Easily access the program data you need most: Configure your personal dashboard or drill down into report details.
  • Self-manage prescribers: Make edits to your provider list in real time.
  • Control and monitor user access: Self-administer users via a two-approver system

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Contract Pharmacy, Mail Order
and Specialty Pharmacy Administration

Built on a market-leading claims qualification engine, our solutions simplify program management across your entire contract pharmacy, mail order and specialty pharmacy network. We believe our proprietary methodology delivers the industry’s highest standard for compliance.

  • Leverage our extensive network: Access a comprehensive network, including national retail chains, regional chains, independent pharmacies, and more than 90 percent of specialty and disease-specific pharmacies.
  • Simplify your program: Apply your unique patient definition to all the contract pharmacies in your network to reduce complexity, help maximize compliance, and enhance 340B program value.
  • Trust the industry’s highest standard for compliance: Leverage our proprietary claims qualification methodology for unmatched program integrity.
  • Simplify compliance with EMR integration: Integrate with your EMR system for more efficient and accurate claims qualification.
  • Benefit from our proven implementation methodology: Get up and running quickly using a process and team that consistently brings live hundreds of new pharmacy locations each quarter.
  • Improve capture of your high-value prescriptions: Our team can help you define program parameters to meet compliance requirements while adding value from specialty and infusion prescriptions.
  • Realize savings from referrals and preauthorizations: Let our ClaimsGuard tool help you compliantly capture prescriptions requiring unique workflow steps.
  • Get all the help you need: You’ll know your dedicated client support team by name. They’ll meet with you regularly, offer recommendations, and contribute to the success of your program.
  • Ensure your program is on track: Leverage the self-audit tool to simplify monitoring for program compliance.
  • Provide more value for your organization: We align our fees to the 340B program value we deliver.
  • Share 340B savings with your community: Add our patient care card solution to give qualified patients access to free or subsidized medications through a local pharmacy.

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Patient Care Card Program

Help patients adhere to the medication therapies they need by making their prescriptions more affordable.

Our patient care card program allows you to share 340B savings with your community by extending drug discounts or subsidizing medications for eligible patients.

  • Simplify access to affordable drugs: Offer discounted drug pricing right at the point-of-sale in a convenient, neighborhood pharmacy.
  • Customize your program: Tailor your program to meet your organization’s unique patient care objectives. Offer tiered pricing based on need or develop a custom formulary to support improved outcomes and targeted therapies.
  • Make a measurable impact: Our on-demand reporting capabilities allow you to clearly show how you’re using your 340B savings. Measure outcome improvements and demonstrate the benefit to your community.

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