Pre-Pack Label Applicator

Automate the Labeling Process for Significant Time Savings

Using a high-speed conveyor system, the Pre-Pack Label Applicator is used immediately after the packing process to automate the application of the pre-pack label. It prints, positions, and applies the label onto the pre-pack card, ensuring that medication, dosage, expiration, and other information is captured accurately and efficiently. Automating the pre-pack labeling process can significantly save technician time.

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  • Reallocate labor to higher-value tasks by eliminating manual printing and application of labels
  • Track individual technician productivity with the technician production report
  • Track inventory with the inventory production report
  • Tharo H436 low profile printer
  • Conveyor with applicator interface
  • Labeling software with database and report generator
  • Laser scanner with cable and stand
  • Variety of label formats available
  • Set-up and training

An optional discrepancy printer is available to allow manual application of label in case of a discrepancy.


  • Height - 66.25' (5.52')
  • Width - 51.84' (4.32')
  • Depth - 25.5' (2.12')

Network Requirements
Printer cable and network connections

Air Requirements
10 CFM at 125 PSI with an air dryer to match compressor size.

Electrical Requirements
Omnicell requires the facility to provide electrical service to Omnicell equipment specifications. The facility is responsible for all electrical and cabling costs.

  • 110 VAC (5-amp, single-phase power)

Wheels at the base of the label applicator allow it to be easily accessed and moved. When stationary, it will require an area of 12 square feet. It is recommended that the equipment is placed away from a corner with an 18-24 inch pathway surrounding the equipment.