Omnicell Patient Engagement

Achieve a Holistic View of Patients on a Single Patient Engagement Platform

Now the industry's most comprehensive and customizable pharmacy patient engagement platform, Omnicell Patient Engagement is a private-cloud solution that helps guide and track patient interactions and enables the pharmacist to more effectively deliver interventions to help improve medication use.

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  • Streamline workflow to increase efficiency
  • Eliminate the need to use multiple portals and remember different sets of login credentials
  • Drive and manage Omnicell Medication Synchronization
  • Increase script growth while reducing overall costs
  • Manage and view patient communications as they occur
  • Improve patient retention, patient acquisition, and patient engagement
  • Integrates with pharmacy management systems (PMS), facilitating bidirectional data flow
  • Uses predictive analytics to prioritize patient interventions and pharmacy tasks
  • Tracks individual pharmacy performance to empower optimization of initiatives