OptiFlex Tissue Center

Manage Tissue Compliance with Confidence

Misidentifying or other mishandling of tissue and bone specimens can be catastrophic for the patient and the hospital. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements are intended to prevent these problems, but the extra documentation can be daunting. Among other things, hospitals must carefully track the tissue identification banks, licensing agencies, and registration information, as well as the name of the recovery or distribution center.

The OptiFlex™ Tissue Center is a hospital tissue tracking system that addresses these challenges. It enables healthcare facilities to electronically manage and document tissue specimens, creating a more efficient process by automating manual tasks. The Tissue Center gives materials and operating room managers more effective control over tissue trackingincluding supply movement, storage, replenishment, and billing.

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  • Saves time spent on manual tissue trackingup to 60% time savings documented1

  • Satisfies Joint Commission requirements and AORN recommendations for implant and tissue storage and issuance

  • Prevents mishandling of tissue and bone specimens that can cause harm to patients

  • Allows fast and easy electronic access to implant information in case of a recall

  • Improves charge capture accuracy by automatically tracking chargeable specimens

  • Simplifies tissue source information tracking

  • Tissue source, serial number, expiration date, package viability, and item number are all verified as an item is received using barcode technology to ensure tissue recipient matching and accurate recordkeeping

  • Stores tissue source records that include licensing agency, registration number, and address to meet AORN and Joint Commission standards

  • Can be integrated with other hospital ordering functions if Omnicell supply systems are used in other areas

  • Promotes efficient tissue tracking, storage, and management:

    • Tissue specimens may be sequestered and labels printed if needed

    • Issues warnings for expired specimens

    • Allows continuous temperature monitoring for storage refrigerators

  • May be used in open or closed cabinet combinations

  • Automatically tracks chargeable specimens

  • Automatically captures required patient information

  • Generates reports on sequestered specimens