OptiFlex Cath Lab Supply Chain System

Lower Costs by Increasing Inventory Visibility

Poor inventory management can affect reimbursement claims for supplies used in patient procedures. It can also hinder clinical workflow. The OptiFlex™ Cath Lab Supply Chain System enables you to easily track supply items as they're used throughout your facility and capture necessary information for reimbursement.

This cath lab supply chain management system is designed for the unique needs of specialty areas such as the cath lab, diagnostic and interventional radiology, electrophysiology, and endoscopy. It easily tracks usage and costs, supporting your efforts to optimize revenue and improve clinical efficiency.

Easily capture data with a single scan at the point of care in order to:

  • See a running tally of costs of items used during a procedure

  • Track supplies as well as procedures in real-time

  • Automatically track cases by procedure, physician, type, and patient

  • Easily parse and capture lot, serial number, and expiration date off package barcode

  • Clearly and accurately document implantable UDI information in the EHR

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  • Saves time by eliminating manual tracking

  • Prevents delays caused by stockouts

  • Lowers costs by reducing inventory levels and increasing inventory turns

  • Increases revenue by ensuring consistent and accurate charging

  • Shares information with other hospital systems to reduce rekeying of information in multiple locations

Flexible System

  • Works with open shelves, secured automated dispensing cabinets, or a combination of the two

  • Cabinets can be tailored with supply rack and other accessories

  • iOS mobile app for iPad Mini or iPod Touch adds convenience with cross-referencing and two-bin Kanban ordering

  • OptiFlex server available in physical and virtual platforms (VMware ready)

Efficient and Versatile

  • Captures lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates

  • Warnings are given for expired products and latex content

  • Enables correct date of service information to be entered for items scanned later

  • Allows supply tracking in emergency casesbefore a patient has an "admitted patient" record

  • Integrates with Omnicell® Tissue Center for efficient handling of tissue specimens

Smart Inventory Management

  • Tallies costs as items are scanned, giving clinicians greater awareness of case costs

  • Incorporates real-time reorder points, par levels, and critical level alerts

  • Unique requisitioning options allow for more complex movement and tracking of supplies within large procedures areas