XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets

Increased Capacity and Flexibility for Medical Supply Storage

As part of the Omnicell Supply Management System, our XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets keep consumable medical supplies secure yet easily accessible. XT cabinets are thoughtfully designed to deliver generous capacity and ease of use for acute care and non-acute care environments.

  • Increased capacity over previous generation helps reduce stockouts
  • Bright Guiding Lights are easily visible in virtually any environment
  • 15-inch touch screen is highly responsive - similar to current smartphones
  • Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with BitLocker Drive Encryption and updated Intel technology enhance reliability, security, and responsiveness
  • Modern Starbus electronics architecture is adaptable to future innovations

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  • Improves nurse workflow and patient care by ensuring supplies are readily available
  • Keeps high-cost supply items secure
  • Promotes more accurate charge capture

Advanced Technology

  • Fingerprint bioID system provides fast yet secure access
  • Verbal confirmation for logon, expired products, and latex warnings
  • 2-D bar code scanner captures all item attributes and supports GS1 and HIBC standards for data parsing
  • Omnicell Cloud Connect allows Omnicell open shelving and cabinet stations to be managed outside of the hospital wide area network (WAN), including those residing in different time zones
  • OmniCenter® server, available in physical and virtual platforms, provides seven-year data storage capability
  • Part of the Unity platform that allows supply, medication, and controlled substance dispensing systems to be managed from a single database

Flexible Configurations

  • Omnicell cabinets come in a variety of formats and can be customized with storage accessories