Open Supply System

Cost-Effective Solution for Managing Medical Supply Inventory

When you want the benefits of an automated dispensing system but prefer to keep inventory on open shelving instead of secure cabinets, Omnicell has a solution. Our Open Supply System incorporates the robust Omnicell Supply Management System software through an all-in-one computer and barcode scanning to track items at the point of use.

With this system, you have the ability to issue items to patients at point of care. It's ideal for managing lower-cost or bulky supply items.

  • Inventory and supply usage are recorded, by patient, making charge capture consistent and accurate

  • Better inventory control helps ensure supplies are available when and where needed for patient care

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  • Lowers costs by increasing inventory turns and reducing consumption—32% reduction in consumption achieved1

  • Increases revenue through accurate charge capture—45% increase in charge capture achieved2

  • Reduces waste through expiration date tracking

  • Supports standardization efforts by tracking supplies by physician, patient, and case

  • Helps ensure compliance with mandates and regulations

  • Improves nurse workflow and patient care by ensuring supplies are readily available

1 “Savings and Efficiency in the Emergency Room,” Clinical Profile: Irvine Medical Center, on file at Omnicell.

2 Customer data: Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

  • Fingerprint bioID system provides fast yet secure access

  • Verbal confirmation for logon, expired products, and latex warnings

  • 2-D bar code scanner captures all item attributes and supports GS1 and HIBC standards for data parsing

  • Omnicell Cloud Connect allows Omnicell open shelving and cabinet stations to be managed outside of the hospital wide area network (WAN), including those residing in different time zones

  • OmniCenter® server, available in physical and virtual platforms, provides seven-year data storage capability

  • Part of the Unity platform that allows supply, medication, and controlled substance dispensing systems to be managed from a single database

Omnicell Implant Tracking Software Module

The Implant Tracking Software Module enables users to record the lot and serial numbers of surgical implants at the Omnicell medical supply cabinet via barcode scan. This software creates a convenient way to comply with the FDA requirement to track all surgical implants by lot and serial number in the event of a recall.

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"Omnicell's capability to utilize GS1 standards is a key component in improving our supply chain management process to reduce costs and improve care."

Vance Moore, President and CEO, ROi/Sisters of Mercy View More