MedShelf-Rx Inventory Management Software

View and Act on Medication Inventory in Real Time

MedShelf-Rx is a perpetual inventory management software system that provides simple, intuitive order filling workflow for medications stored within static shelves, refrigerators, bulk storage, and other non-automated locations. As medications are stocked and dispensed, inventory information is always current and accurate.

With inventory under control, MedShelf-Rx helps pharmacies meet competing goals of providing great service while reducing costs by right sizing inventory, increasing inventory turns, and tracking expiration dates.

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  • Provides real-time view of makeup and valuation of inventory not stored in automated devices

  • Supports a user-driven perpetual inventory solution that doesn't require significant overhead

  • Minimizes steps required to manage a perpetual inventory of your medications

  • Controls cost by leveraging inventory information to increase inventory turns

  • Minimizes waste through expiration date tracking