Robotic IV Insourcing Solution (RIIS)

A Turnkey Approach to Insourcing Sterile Compounding

Are you interested in insourcing IV compounding while leveraging the safety benefits of automated IV compounding technology? Omnicell's Robotic IV Insourcing Solution (RIIS™) may be the right solution. RIIS enables a comprehensive, turnkey approach to insourcing your sterile compounding.

RIIS is cash-flow positive from day one, and provides everything you need to insource your IV compounding operation with no up-front capital expense. Our RIIS service allows you to use your existing operational budget at a fraction of your outsourcing spend. As part of the RIIS program, Omnicell also offers guaranteed minimum production volumes.

With RIIS, the technology, tools, and technicians are all provided as part of a simple monthly fee:

  • Advanced IV robotic technology prepares ready-to-administer IV doses

  • Expertly trained pharmacy technician staff manage IV robotics and extended BUD program

  • Novel data services and application support enable best practices and drive ROI

Now you can rise above the challenges and patient safety risks associated with outsourcing and manual sterile IV compounding.

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  • Reduces costs compared with outsourcing; cash-flow positive from program implementation

  • Enhances patient safety through full robotic automation, gravimetric controls, and final product labeling

  • Mitigates risk through guaranteed minimums and reduced reliance on outsourcing

Explore more about IV compounding technology on our IV Compounding Resources page.


Omnicell's i.v.STATION™ Non-hazardous Compounding Robot prepares IV doses in a fully automated ISO Class 5 environment.

  • Eliminates the most common sources of contamination

  • Provides drug verification and documentation

  • Delivers exceptional accuracy

  • Reduces errors through automated labeling


Omnicell offers novel data services such as our REINVENT Global Registry of IV Preparations and Formulary Tool Kit, which supports extended beyond-use dates, to enable a seamless transition to insourcing.


Our expertly trained, certified pharmacy technicians will maximize performance of the i.v.STATION technology while freeing up your staff for more value-added work.