Express II Single Dose Blister Card Automation

Reduce Inventory and Labor Costs by Automating Patient-Specific Blister Card Fulfillment

The Express II Single Dose Blister Card Automation is a turnkey solution that fills, seals, and labels single-dose blister cards automatically, positioning you to grow your pharmacy business without adding personnel.

  • Throughput of 10 blister cards per minute
  • Highly accurate
  • Customizable label and foil

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  • Maximizes workflow efficiency
  • Improves pharmacy productivity
  • Increases profitability
  • Scales effectively and efficiently
  • Fully automated process from medication selection to the sealed and labeled single-dose blister card
  • Fully interfaces with your Pharmacy Information System
  • Barcodes are verified and tracked automatically
  • Cassette inventory is tracked automatically
  • Detailed and custom reports are available to help optimize your packaging operation
  • Multiple workstation capability removes bottlenecks when queuing jobs and managing cassettes
  • Shared cassettes enable you to scale your operation exponentially by expanding your automation footprint with an additional AccuFlex and/or Express II unit without needing to duplicate your cassette and medication inventory

The Express II system includes high-speed packaging technology, software, reports, formulary management, inventory management, labels, labeling system, installation, training, and support.

The Omnicell Operations Team will conduct a site survey with you to review specifics and discuss your needs prior to implementation.

  • Dimensions: 9 x 19 x 19 feet
  • Total space requirements: 20 x 30 feet
  • Network requirements: 3 network drops (CAT5), including 1 for Express II, 1 for workstation, and 1 for server
  • Air requirements: 23 CFM at 90 PSI with a minimum supply of 60 gallons and an air dryer system to supply dry air
  • Electrical requirements: 220/240 VAC, 60-amp single-phase power, disconnect box mounted within sight and proximity to the Express II
  • Access requirements: once unloaded, the Express II and components require a pathway 10 feet wide by 9 feet high to move the system to its location