Omnicell Announces Launch of XT Cabinets for AcuDose-Rx Customers

Newest Solutions Available Earlier than Anticipated

May 01, 2017

Mountain View, California

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL), a leading provider of medication and supply management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies, is pleased to announce that customers using its AcuDose-Rx® Automated Dispensing Cabinets are now able to upgrade to the XT Series, Omnicell’s most innovative cabinet, while continuing to use their installed software. The Company’s engineering, product development and validation teams were able to successfully complete product integration earlier than expected. As a result, AcuDose-Rx customers are now experiencing the benefits of increased capacity, security, and speed offered by the XT cabinet. 

For the past two and a half decades, Omnicell has partnered with hospitals, long-term care centers, and others in the healthcare continuum to best understand their needs and challenges in managing medications—a critical aspect of patient care. The XT Automated Dispensing Cabinet is designed to improve the way medications are managed. In addition, the new XT technology is designed to enable future innovations.

Customers using AcuDose-Rx cabinets can now add XT cabinets that operate with AcuDose-Rx software. This means the user interface will be familiar to end users, making it easy to have a combination of AcuDose-Rx and XT cabinets in the same facility. These customers can now benefit from XT cabinet features such as Guiding Lights, which guide the user to the precise locations of medications within the cabinet, and smart drawer designs with metal locking lids that add capacity and security. The XT cabinets can be added onto the customer’s existing cabinet network and share the same formulary, EHR interfaces, and overall server structure.

“We recently installed our new XT cabinets after many years of being an AcuDose-Rx customer and, until now, hadn’t realized how much we are able to improve patient care with the increased amount of storage and accessibility of medications,” said Dennis Killian, Pharm.D., Ph.D., director at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. “In addition, we are very pleased that the implementation process was smooth and met our expected timelines.”

“We are excited to provide XT cabinets for our AcuDose-Rx customers,” said J. Christopher Drew, president, North American Automation and Analytics at Omnicell. “This is a great example of our commitment to the Aesynt customer base that we will continue to innovate and enhance the solutions they already own—now and in the future.”