Inova Partners with Omnicell to Enhance Pharmacy Supply Chain Strategy

Performance Center Software and Services Offering Drives Medication Cost Savings

Feb 21, 2017

Mountain View, California

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) today announced that Inova, a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Northern Virginia, will incorporate the Omnicell® Performance CenterTM, an integrated software  and  services offering designed to drive improved pharmacy operations and reduce costs, while supporting patient safety.  

As health systems face increased drug spending and industry consolidation, hospital leaders are looking for tools that help optimize visibility across their system, enabling them to be more strategic in their medication ordering and distribution decisions.  Performance Center offers a new model, the first of its kind for the industry, to advance more efficient pharmacy operations, helping customers to meet regulatory requirements and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Early customers of the Performance Center are saving an average of two percent of their medication spend each year.

“Our desire is to achieve enterprise-wide management of our pharmacy operations,” commented Melanie Massiah-White, Inova executive director, chief pharmacy officer.  “This includes shared inventory visibility, inventory optimization through relocation of needed medications, and leveraging strategic buying opportunities.  We look forward to working with Omnicell to achieve these goals.”  

Performance Center leverages advanced supply chain capabilities to reduce costs and improve enterprise-wide management of one of the health system’s largest cost centers.  Benefits of the   integrated software and services offering include:

  • Proactive monitoring of enterprise medication data by a team of experts with the goal of identifying actionable inventory optimization opportunities

  • Ability to view and act on medication inventory demand in real time at every level of the health system

  • Mitigation planning for drug shortage and expired medication risk

  • Automation of workflow processes for centralized medication distribution

  • Delivery of pharmacy scorecard for tracking progress against optimization and cost reduction goals

  • Regulatory compliance with 340B and CSOS regulations

“Through long-term partnerships with our customers, Performance Center is a unique approach that allows us to develop and implement incremental, yet impactful changes that will help drive down costs while freeing up critical resources, helping to contribute to positive patient outcomes,” said Nhat H. Ngo, executive vice president, Strategy and Business Development at Omnicell. 

About Inova
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