Winter Release is the next step toward the fully autonomous pharmacy.

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Central Pharmacy Dispensing

Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service

Winter 2020 includes enhancements to Omnicell's Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service that will accelerate the time to value realization with the right people, processes and product aimed at achieving your medication management outcomes.

Professional Services

A new component of the offering that supports the successful implementation and onboarding of this advanced technology, including organizational change management to enable the adoption of new processes and workflows within the pharmacy.

Success Services

A new offering that provides the right resources and Omnicell expertise to help health systems maximize value and delivery of outcomes over time, while navigating ongoing changes in medication distribution.

XR2 System

Increased throughput for automated medication dispensing with Omnicell XR2 system. With more medications dispensed through XR2, health systems benefit from 100% barcode scanning for all medications stored in and dispensed out of the system.

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Point of Care Automation

XT Anesthesia Workstation

Winter 2020 expands Omnicell’s capabilities in the operating room (OR) and perioperative settings, to simplify anesthesiologist workflows, enhance inventory visibility, provide data insights, and improve overall staff satisfaction and patient safety.

Medication Reconciliation

Intuitive medication reconciliation workflows designed to increase efficiency and decrease time at the cabinet by up to 20%.

Waste Compliance

Alerts that help you optimize waste compliance.

Real-time Data

Operational dashboards that provide real-time data to accurately track and maintain “chain of custody”.

Controlled Substance Management

Comprehensive workflows support best practices for controlled substances, and streamlined investigation and auditing processes to reduce the time spent on resolving discrepancies.

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XT Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Enhancements to the XT Automated Dispensing Cabinet drive increased efficiency and safety for both clinicians and patients.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring through extended telemetry functionality that provides real-time alerts for cabinet doors and drawers to reduce unplanned downtime and enhance reliability and performance.

Real-time Visibility

Integration with Omnicell Essentials provides real-time visibility into medication inventory and diversion through a single dashboard.

Reduce Setup Time

A new, easy-to-use setup wizard automatically incorporates automated dispensing system best practice configurations based on care setting, reducing setup time of each cabinet from 15 minutes to 90 seconds.

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Omnicell One

With Winter 2020, Omnicell One has expanded inventory optimization capabilities.

Medication Stock Indicators

Omnicell One has expanded inventory optimization capabilities by adding analytics for Dead Stock (medication not being utilized), Stocked Over Max (consistent overstocking), and Stockout Reduction (preventing a stockout of critical medication), provided through dashboards supported by clinical expertise.

Optimization Recommendations

Recommended optimization actions from these indicators can drive a reduction of medication waste, improved medication inventory turns, and reduced medication spending.

About Our Releases

As part of the initiative to streamline releases and minimize disruptions to our customer's operations, Omnicell delivers two major releases each year—Summer and Winter releases. With each release, Omnicell continues to deliver the enhancements and build on the innovations that transform the healthcare customer experience and bring customers closer to the vision of the autonomous pharmacy.

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