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Point of Care

XT Anesthesia Workstation

Available initially for Epic EHR users, new closed loop functionality with the XT Anesthesia Workstation™ automates the process for reconciling controlled substances used, wasted, or transferred to another provider. This and other new features are designed to improve efficiency, enhance safety, and ensure compliance for both anesthesia providers and pharmacists.

New Features

Automated Closed Loop

Closed loop interoperability with Epic provides an intuitive reconciliation process while encouraging waste compliance and streamlining investigation and auditing processes.

Schedule Patient List

Improve patient safety and reduce administrative time with an accurate room-specific patient list.

Streamlined Workflows

Enhanced workflows eliminate the need for double documentation and zero waste documentation, allowing providers to spend more time on patient care.

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XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets

The Controlled Substance Dispenser (CSD) now supports additional medication form factors and includes enhanced tools to advance the customer experience.

New Features

Expanded Support of Form Factors

The Controlled Substance Dispenser includes new cassettes designed specifically for the Fresenius Kabi Simplist® MicroVault® prefilled syringes. Available in both 1 mL and 2 mL options, the new Simplist® MicroVault® cassettes give customers more flexibility and options in their medication supply chain and controlled substance management initiatives.

Improved Customer Experience

Enhanced training materials and best practices developed in conjunction with hospital pharmacy experts and based on customer feedback are now available to help Controlled Substance Dispenser customers maximize results and realize value.

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Omnicell One

New Omnicell One™ functionality delivers enhanced intelligence to control medication inventory spend, reduce medication waste, optimize labor, improve patient safety, and manage drug diversion.

New Features

COVID-19 List

An enhanced dashboard view provides a high-level view of inventory levels and usage to enable providers to manage medications identified for treating COVID-19 patients. The targeted list was a collaborative cross-industry effort.

Cabinet Configuration Benchmarking

Omnicell One now provides nine safety standards identified by ISMP and other Omnicell practice standards, enabling Pharmacy providers to save time by no longer having to manually select cabinet configuration settings.

Stockout Rate

Intra-system stockout dashboards show the medications and medication locations that are frequently stocked out and are at risk of being stocked out to help prevent inventory depletion.

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Cloud-Hosted OmniCenter

Cloud-Hosted OmniCenter is for health systems seeking to elevate their pharmacy performance. Not only does Cloud-Hosted OmniCenter free up valuable physical space in a hospital – it also frees IT from responsibility of managing and protecting OmniCenter® data. With a cloud-based solution, customers can focus on the business of pharmacy and impacting patient care, rather than being distracted by managing IT systems.

Key Features

Accelerate the Journey to the Autonomous Pharmacy

Adopting a cloud-based platform is an important step in the journey to the Autonomous Pharmacy. Cloud-Hosted OmniCenter enables Pharmacy leaders to safely and securely access connected automation and integrated data intelligence across care settings to achieve desired outcomes.

Cloud-Based Advantages

Omnicell manages data and servers, including monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, disaster recovery, and patches, so your overburdened IT department doesn’t have to.

Single Platform

Customers have a unified experience and easy access to data across Omnicell devices.

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Central Pharmacy

IVX Workflow

We’ve added new features to IVX Workflow to improve efficiency, increase flexibility, and accelerate implementation.

New Features

IVX Cloud Formulary Enhancements

New features improve the efficiency and flexibility of connecting the IVX Cloud formulary to the Pharmacy Information System (PIS). This accelerates implementations and increases the number of unique compounded sterile preparations managed through IVX Workflow, enhancing productivity in the pharmacy.

PIS Label Scan Workflow

Decentralized compounding is supported through new workflow features. Technicians can now scan the Pharmacy Information System (PIS) label at the IVX Workflow device to begin compounding, eliminating the need to send the patient order from IVX Cloud, which increases efficiency.

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Central Pharmacy Blister Packager

The Central Pharmacy Blister Packager is a flexible solution that supports virtually all oral solid sizes and types, offering a complete solution for any oral solid packaging operation. Seamlessly integrated with Central Pharmacy Manager software, the Blister Packager delivers a throughput of up to 120 doses per minute, enabling significant efficiency. It’s a perfect complement to the XR2 Automated Central Pharmacy System, a key component of Omnicell’s Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service.

Key Features

Flexible Packaging

Central Pharmacy Blister Packager gives pharmacies the ability to repackage medication when they choose to buy in bulk. It produces cards of unit doses that can be stored in the XR2 robot to support cart fill or cabinet filling.

Efficiency Through Integration

The Blister Packager seamlessly integrates with Central Pharmacy Manager, enabling data to be shared with other Omnicell products. This eliminates duplicate data entry work and improves the management of medication inventory across all Omnicell products.

Complete Solution for Oral Solid Packaging

The Blister Packager supports virtually all oral solid sizes and types, offering a complete solution for any oral solid packaging operations.

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Customer Experience

Expanded Capabilities

Omnicell’s commitment to providing a superior customer experience means understanding where customers are at in their journey to the Autonomous Pharmacy and providing expertise and guidance to help them navigate through the complexities of medication management. Omnicell partners with customers at each step of the customer journey from strategy and planning to execution and ongoing success to help you achieve greater impact, faster time to value, and positive return on critical investments.

Professional Services

Accelerates outcomes, improves efficiency, and transforms pharmacy through design, development, and execution capabilities focused on faster time to value realization, ROI, change management, and expert program management. We work with our customers to design a winning strategy and execution plan that aligns to goals, ensures organizational readiness, and positions the initiative for day one success.

Customer Success

Drives adoption and successful operations to achieve desired outcomes and realize return on investment. Omnicell provides guidance and expertise to deliver structured ongoing success management, reporting and analytics, and optimization.

Technical Services

Ensures the availability and productivity of solutions, utilizing proactive and predictive resolutions capabilities for maintenance, monitoring, and minimizing unplanned downtime to support patient care.

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About Our Releases

Omnicell delivers two major releases each year – Summer and Winter releases – that build on innovations to bring customers closer to the vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy.

New Product Development Approach

As part of our comprehensive product development process, Omnicell has introduced a new Limited Release phase, a key phase designed specifically for the introduction of disruptive technologies that will be new to the industry. Designed to ensure complete market readiness with early adopters, this new phase will bring to you best of breed technologies, improve your pharmacy outcomes, and provide you with a superior customer experience.

With Limited Release, new solutions are validated in environments that model real-life pharmacy environments to reduce disruption to healthcare environments.

After comprehensive testing, trained account teams will assist in onboarding the technology at the customer facility, helping to ensure optimal outcomes.

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