Improve health outcomes through stronger pharmacy performance

Omnicell Population Health Solutions offer a portfolio of medication management tools that help you improve health outcomes and deliver monetizable customer value to drive sustainable business growth.

Leveraging insights for action

Healthcare professionals take on one of the most profound challenges of our time, influencing human behavior to improve health and lower the cost of care. Helping patients manage their medications, empowering them, monitoring their wellbeing, and adjusting care to usher positive outcomes is at the core of achieving a healthy population.

Omnicell Patient Engagement and Patient Communications platforms offer tools to help pharmacies identify at-risk patients, coordinate care, improve medication adherence and drive deeper patient engagements.

Our Patient Engagement Platform

Technology transforms the way pharmacies help patients with their medication regimen. With Omnicell’s Patient Engagement platform, you build a path to hitting quality targets, increasing script volume, and getting patients what they need to improve their health. 

This single, web-based platform hosts all the functionality you need to get a holistic view of patients, not only by organizing prescriptions, but by identifying, preparing, and documenting ongoing patient engagement. You can define goals, analyze data, and then match patients to the right interventions and therapy regimens.

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Our Patient Communications Platform

Consistent contact motivates patients and providers alike. Yet keeping up consistent, clear communication with patients and health plans can bog down pharmacists, leaving little time for other important pharmacy and patient-related activities.

Omnicell's Patient Communications platform complements and enhances your engagement strategy with patients by coordinating automated inbound and outbound rich patient communication. Pharmacists can keep patient conversations moving while also increasing script growth and improving patient adherence. With this powerful platform, your high touch care can improve patient satisfaction and drive better health outcomes.

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A healthier pharmacy business

Pharmacies have always played an important role in their communities. A pharmacy set up for operational success translates to more successful patient engagements. When patients stay on track with their medications, they benefit and so do the pharmacies that serve them. Yet a pharmacy is also a challenging business. Burdened with manual administrative tasks and safety concerns, it’s hard to spend time with patients or pursuing potential business innovation.

We understand that when pharmacies meet key health benchmarks, both patients and pharmacy business benefit. Through our Patient Engagement and Patient Communications platforms, we offer a portfolio of medication management tools that help you improve health outcomes and deliver monetizable value to drive business growth.