Optimize clinician workflow and patient care, at every point

Omnicell’s Point of Care clinical workflow technology optimizes medication management, patient care, and pharmacy performance so clinicians can spend more time focused on patient care.

As care providers, you prioritize patients in a whirlwind of competing demands. Managing medications is a critical part of that—you can't afford to waste time or make mistakes. Success depends on having intelligent tools, time, and safeguards wherever you serve patients face-to-face. That's where point of care technology comes in.

Omnicell continually develops new ways to streamline medication workflows and close gaps in safety through our award-winning Point of Care technology solutions. When clinicians have optimal workflows and medications are completely secured and readily available, they have more time for bedside care.

Empowering clinicians with smart medication and supply automation

Having immediate, secure access to what patients need takes precedence at the point of care.  

Omnicell’s medication and supply automation products help health systems manage medications throughout their operations by controlling access to medications, managing inventory, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Not only does this optimize medication and supply delivery to the point of care, but it also enhances safety for both patients and clinicians.

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"The new XT Series benefits us both on the nursing and pharmacy sides. The screen response time is much faster than the previous generation cabinets, which allows us to give time back to the staff for patient care."

John M. Rossi, PharmD, BCPS, MBA Director, Department of Pharmacy, Mount Nittany Medical Center

Remove workflow steps with interoperable technology

Coordinating between clinical teams to deliver safe, quality patient care involves many factors. Workflows that involve too many steps introduce opportunities for inefficiency and error and reduce clinician satisfaction and patient safety.

The Omnicell Point of Care workflow automation products combine advanced technology with data from electronic health records to remove steps in the medication administration process. Pharmacists and nurses can spend less time managing medications and more time focusing on patient-centered activities.

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Intelligent, data-driven inventory optimization and diversion mitigation

Dispensing technology should help you alleviate inventory problems by providing predictive analytics to help you proactively manage medication and supplies.

The data-driven engine behind Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets helps clinicians deliver the safest, most efficient care possible. Leverage data from our cabinet solutions to optimize inventory, identify potential diversion, and gain access to actionable insights that enhance pharmacy performance.

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Predictive analytics and actionable insights powered by Omnicell healthcare data scientists and clinical experts to help guide pharmacy optimization and improve business performance.

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