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Central Pharmacy Dispensing

Advanced robotics and intelligence to support error-free medication management and free pharmacy time for higher-value clinical work.

Automation Systems

XR2 Automated Central Pharmacy System
Pharmacy Carousel
Medication Packager
PakPlus-Rx Medication Packaging Service

Software Systems

Central Pharmacy Manager
Satellite Pharmacy Manager
Fulfill-Rx Medication Ordering Software
OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management System

Controlled Substance Management

XT Controlled Substance Manager
Controlled Substance Manager for AcuDose-Rx Cabinets

Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing (Sold Internationally)

Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing
Medimat Robotic Dispensing System
Robomat Robotic Dispensing System
Fill-in-Box Automated Filling System
Speedbox Channel Filling System

Point of Care

Automated medication and supply dispensing systems to ensure clinicians have safe, efficient, and secure access to the right medication at the right time across all points of care.

Medication Dispensing Systems

XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets
Omnicell Controlled Substance Dispenser
SinglePointe Patient Medication Management
Anywhere RN Remote Medication Management
FlexLock Refrigerator Lock and Temperature Monitor
XT Anesthesia Workstation

Platform and Interoperability

Cerner Interoperability 
Epic Interoperability 
Siemens Controlled Substance Accountability 
OmniCenter Server

Supply Dispensing Systems

Omnicell Supply Management System
XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets
SupplyX Inventory Management System

Population Health

A patient engagement, communication, and analytics platform to identify and prioritize actions that help improve patient outcomes and drive sustainable growth.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement
Medication Synchronization
Immunization Solutions
Targeted Patient Interventions
Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
Omnicell Opioid Management

Patient Communication

Omnicell IVR System
Outbound Patient Communications
Voice Technology Services

Central Pharmacy IV Compounding

Advanced robotics and workflow management systems for sterile IV compounding that make it safer, more compliant, and easier to accurately meet demand.

IVX Workflow
IVX Cloud
i.v.STATION Non-hazardous Compounding Robot
Central Pharmacy IV Compounding Service
REINVENT Global Registry of IV Preparations
Formulary Tool Kit


Predictive analytics, powerful insights, and advisory services to help you optimize inventory, manage diversion, and elevate pharmacy performance.

Omnicell One
Omnicell Analytics
Pandora Analytics

Medication Adherence

A full suite of scalable medication adherence automation and packaging solutions to help pharmacies improve patient outcomes and achieve business goals.


Multimed Adherence Packaging
Guided Packing

Single Dose

Single Dose Blister Cards
E3 Single Dose Automation
AccuFlex Single Dose Automation
MTS-350 Filler and Sealer
Label Conveyor Applicator
Labels and Printing Supplies
PillVue Color Labeling System
Unit Dose Printing System
License Plate Printing System
Deblistering Machine
Autogen Automated Heat Sealer
Autobond Automated Heat Sealer
Sureseal Manual Sealer