Voice Technology Services

Voice Services Technology
Voice Services Technology

Pave the Way for Easier Patient Access to Pharmacy Services Using Voice Technology

Omnicell Population Health Solutions facilitate engagement between pharmacies and patients. We’ve expanded communication options with our Voice Technology Services, which allows patients to connect to your pharmacy through their personal voice assistant device. Your patients can conveniently manage prescription refills and set medication dose reminders with simple voice commands.


  • Allows patients to manage prescriptions from home, facilitating effortless dialogue with their voice assistant devices
  • Ability to refill prescriptions:
    • Voice assistant goes through each prescription and asks patient if it should be refilled, or patient can request a particular refill using the Rx number
    • Requested refills are automatically relayed to the pharmacy for efficient filling
  • Ability to set medication dose reminders by individual medication:
    • Patients are prompted to schedule reminders for each of their active prescriptions


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