Speedbox Channel Filling System

  • Speedbox Channel Filling System | Omnicell
  • Speedbox Channel Filling System | Omnicell

Tackle High Volumes with Speedbox

The Speedbox channel filling system is ideally suited to fast-moving inventory and can easily handle high demand volumes. Channel sizes can be configured according to the medication pack size.

  • Fastest dispensing system
  • Handles high demand volumes
    • 1 Speedbox—Up to 2,400 packs/hour
    • 2 Speedboxes—Up to 3,300 packs/hour
    • 3 Speedboxes—Up to 4,200 packs/hour
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side to increase speed and capacity

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Benefits of Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing

  • Reduce time spent searching for medications, freeing up time to interact with patients
  • Improve patient safety by reducing dispensing errors
  • Improve inventory control and savings
  • Increase dispensary output 24/7
  • Optimize use of space in the pharmacy
  • Reduce patient waiting time
  • Create a less hectic, more organized dispensing environment