XT Anesthesia Workstation

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Balance Medication Access and Security in the OR with XT Anesthesia Workstation

Anesthesia providers need easy access to medications in the operating room, yet pharmacy needs to keep medications secure. The Omnicell® XT Anesthesia Workstation™ is the answer. It allows fast access to medications while giving pharmacy tighter control and security.

This automated anesthesia medication workstation securely stores all the medications and supplies needed for a full day of cases in one convenient place and automatically tracks inventory used, cutting hours of manual documentation.

Convenience for Anesthesia Providers

  • Unique breakaway bar enables emergency access to medications
  • Advanced biometric ID provides fast, secure access
  • High capacity storage helps prevent stockouts

Accountability for Pharmacy

  • Secures controlled substances 24/7
  • Tracks inventory usage and expiration dates
  • Enables accurate restocking with barcode scanning




Improves Inventory Management and Patient Safety

  • Breakaway bar enables access to life-saving medications during emergencies, including power outages
  • SafetyStock® Barcode Confirmation ensures accurate restocking
  • Syringe Label Printer—prints color labels as medication is removed to help prevent dangers of unlabeled syringes
  • Variety of drawer types accommodate wide array of medications and supplies
  • Can be customized with accessories such as sharps container, IV pole, tilt bins, and external return bin
  • Microsoft® Windows® and updated Intel technology enhance reliability, security, and responsiveness

Improves Controlled Substance Management

  • Military grade fingerprint bioID provides fast and secure access
  • Eliminates risk and manual tracking associated with tackle boxes, backpacks, or fanny packs
  • Single-dose locking drawers reduce controlled substance countback time
  • Helps automate controlled substance reconciliation process, tracking controlled substance use and waste
  • Part of the Omnicell Unity Enterprise Platform—integrates with other Omnicell automation systems and Omnicell Analytics software for drug diversion monitoring
  • Integration with Omnicell XT Controlled Substance Manager provides closed-loop inventory trail from dispense to restock


Integrated Syringe Label Printer

  • A color label can be printed automatically when a medication is dispensed from the Anesthesia Workstation. Labels can also be printed on demand
  • Decreases the risk of medication errors from unlabeled syringes, and helps to meet regulatory compliance
  • Labels are designed in accordance with guidance from the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices



W x H x D: 50 x 63.5 x 30 in. (127 x 161.3 x 76.2 cm)

W=64 in. with user interface arm extended (162.6 cm)

With External Return Bin add 6.6 in. to width (16.77 cm)

With Fold-Out Shelf add 15 in. to width (38.1 cm)

With trash or Sharps Bin-Single Use add 7 in. to width (17.78 cm)


Phone: 1-800-910-2220

Website: https://myOmnicell.com

Mobile: OC-Care App

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