OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management System

Dual Monitors OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management
Dual Monitors OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management

Prevent Lost and Delayed Medication Orders

The OmniLinkRx™ Medication Order Management System is a software solution that automates communication between nursing and pharmacy - improving efficiency for both departments.

Lost, misplaced, and delayed medication orders result in significant rework, unnecessary phone calls, and frustration. The end result is often delayed patient therapy. Our OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management System offers an ideal solution. It simplifies the communication of orders from remote nursing stations to the pharmacy, allowing you to manage and prioritize the vast number of physician orders written every day.

Boost Productivity and Patient Safety

OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management System incorporates the latest technology, advanced viewing features, and a host of other features to help you improve patient safety while increasing the productivity of nursing and pharmacy staff.

  • Nurses simply place the physician order into the sending device such as a scanner, and the scanned document image is sent to the OmniLinkRx server where it is immediately viewable by pharmacy staff for order entry
  • Pharmacists can access orders remotely, enabling coverage of non-24-hour pharmacies


  • Easily coexists with your pharmacy information system and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems.
  • Runs on a standard server provided by Omnicell; users access the system via workstations using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer.
  • Integrates with Omnicell® cabinets:
    • View cabinet Overrides real-time in the pharmacy to aid in monitoring.
    • View responses to cabinet Dispensing Alerts real-time in the pharmacy to aid in patient safety.
  • View Medication Order at the cabinet to improve efficiency.
  • No need for nursing staff to change behavior when sending orders.
  • Advanced viewing features: Image size can be adjusted to aid in legibility.
  • Audit tracking of every user's access of each order and all annotations made to each document (for HIPAA compliance).
  • Pre-defined and user-created stamps can easily be applied to any documents.
  • Ability to print and e-mail documents to other users and non-users for clarification and/or quality assurance purposes.

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