Omnicell Targeted Patient Interventions

Picture of a doctor on the phone.
Picture of a doctor on the phone.


Intervention Targeting for High-Risk Patients

Tailored to the 53 million U.S. patients recently diagnosed with a chronic condition, the Omnicell Targeted Patient Interventions program provides proactive outreach methods at the right time to high-value, at-risk patients, helping drive improved adherence and outcomes.

This high-touch program facilitates intervention targeting high-risk patients help pharmacies unlock new opportunities for additional patient care services.




  • Create healthy medication adherence habits in high-risk, high-reward patient populations before lapsed behavior begins
  • Maximize opportunities to drive positive adherence habits in patients who become comorbid with other chronic conditions, driving additional value for pharmacies
  • Leverage prepopulated, patient intervention scripts using the Omnicell Patient Engagement platform


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