Omnicell Opioid Mitigation

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Help prevent opioid harm with Omnicell Opioid Mitigation

We are providing tools that empower pharmacists to play a pivotal role in the opioid crisis. The Omnicell Opioid Mitigation module—part of our Patient Engagement platform—helps identify patients who meet criteria for high risk of opioid overdose and facilitates actions to prevent opioid abuse and misuse.

Approximately 33% of those being prescribed pain medications are unaware they’re taking highly addictive opioids. 1 The Omnicell Opioid Mitigation solution not only identifies pharmacy patients who are at high risk for opioid overdose, but it also provides a glide path for education and other interventions to increase patient safety.

  • Employs a predictive algorithm to identify patients at highest risk for prescription opioid abuse and misuse
  • Prompts workflow-friendly opportunities for intervention to help improve therapy, including codispensing of naloxone
  • Guides pharmacists to initiate a sensitive, stigma-free conversation with patients to assist in reducing opioid-related morbidity, mortality, and costs

1 National Survey on Drug Attitudes, National Safety Council. 2017. See:


  • Bidirectional data flow between the Omnicell Patient Engagement platform and pharmacy management system (PMS) enables application of a predictive algorithm to identify patients at high risk of opioid overdose
  • Intervention opportunities appear in the pharmacy workflow for patients designated as high risk for opioid overdose
  • Provides simple, conversational scripting based on decision trees to facilitate a sensitive, stigma-free discussion with patients focusing on safety and the importance of ready access to naloxone


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