Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Picture of a pharmacist with a patient.
Picture of a pharmacist with a patient.

MTM Service Expands Payer Channels and Improves Patient Outcomes

This CMS-compliant solution provides a highly efficient way to deliver MTM services including a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR). These medication therapy management solutions are known to help improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs-important goals for pharmacy chains seeking payer channel expansion and increased profits beyond Medicare Part D.

As a pharmacist, MTM opportunities are considered a valuable component in driving better patient health outcomes. Your pharmacy will benefit from incorporating Omnicell Medication Therapy Management (MTM) into your everyday workflow by maximizing the opportunity for additional MTM services, achieving higher PDC scores, and increasing pharmacy revenue.


  • Integrates Omnicell MTM, Medication Synchronization, and Targeted Patient Interventions on the Omnicell Patient Engagement platform supporting multiple interventions with a comprehensive view of the patient
  • Provides industry-leading, intuitive workflow with clinical decision support and automation-assisted identification and resolution of medication therapy problems
  • Facilitates efficient delivery of a high-quality Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) driving higher CMR completion rates
  • Includes auto-population of the patient's Medication Action Plan (MAP) and Personal Medication List (PML)
  • Furnishes Targeted Medication Reviews (TMR) that are focused on specific or potential medication-related problems


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