Medication Synchronization

Picture of a smiling doctor.
Picture of a smiling doctor.

Drive Revenue and Increase Your Script Growth with Medication Synchronization

Omnicell Medication Synchronization coordinates a patient's chronic prescriptions to be picked up at the same time each month, providing the opportunity for the pharmacy to intervene with the patient on a regular schedule. By a scheduled monthly appointment, the pharmacist and patient meet to discuss the medication regimen and answer questions. Omnicell Medication Synchronization benefits the patient by improving engagement, increasing overall satisfaction, and enhancing patient convenience, resulting in better patient health outcomes.


  • Health Plan Dashboards – The dashboard gives Omnicell Medication Synchronization users better performance visibility and the ability to filter by health plan to identify additional patients eligible for enrollment in med sync
  • Web-based platform provides a holistic view of patients, allowing the pharmacy to provide ongoing patient management
  • Uses predictive analytics to identify targeted patients to enroll into the program
  • Integrates with pharmacy management systems (PMS) for bidirectional data flow between the PMS and the Omnicell Patient Engagement platform


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