License Plate Printer

Image of medication license printer
Image of medication license printer

Easy-to-Use Medication License Plate Printer for Custom Labels

Whether you need horizontal license plate labels for standard blister cards, vertical license plate labels for unit dose boxes, special labels for syringes, refrigeration, compounds, and so forth Omnicell's Medication License Plate Printing System gives you the flexibility to create it all. The specialized design is simple, and you can even provide quick and positive identification of controlled medications by producing solid black labels with white text.

The thermal transfer printer can produce one label at a time for on-the-spot label application or produce an entire roll of labels for application at another workstation. Multiview printing allows you to simultaneously view and print labels for up to three printers that are attached to the workstation.

You can also use this system to create your own barcodes to track previously non-barcoded inventory items, and print production reports to track your pharmacy's daily packaging activity.


General Features

  • Easy-to-change plug and print head
  • Printable daily production report for inspection purpose
  • Label easily peels from backing, allowing for one-hand application
  • Multiple label formats (pre-pack, extemporaneous, control, compound, unit dose box, oral syringe, refrigerated, day of the week, and delivery time)


System Includes

  • Tharo H436 - 300 DPI thermal transfer printer
  • Labeling software program with database and report generator
  • Barcode scanner with cable and stand
  • Initial setup and training


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