Fulfill-Rx Medication Ordering Software

Stacked plastic storage containers for Rx
Stacked plastic storage containers for Rx

Efficient Electronic Medication Ordering Software

Omnicell's Fulfill-Rx℠ medication software is a unique, two-way electronic data conduit between our pharmacy automation systems, McKesson Connect®, wholesaler software, and McKesson Health Systems distribution centers. The software helps you improve inventory management through automated electronic medication ordering, receipt, and restocking.

With Fulfill-Rx, electronic orders are processed by the McKesson distribution center and delivered to the pharmacy in location-specific and shelf-specific replenishment totes. The barcode-driven put-away process ensures accuracy and reduces the time required for replenishment, receiving, and restocking by 50%.

Fulfill-Rx medication ordering software reduces capital invested in inventory, helps minimize medication-related expenditures, simplifies inventory reporting and valuation, and increases productivity.


  • Receives order in location-specific and shelf-specific totes
  • Selects best price items automatically  
  • Supports use of bulk and unit dose forms of the same medications


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