Central Pharmacy Blister Packager

A Flexible, Time-Saving Solution for Oral Solid Packaging

For pharmacies that buy medications in bulk, the Central Pharmacy Blister Packager is a flexible solution that supports virtually all oral solid sizes and types. It delivers a throughput of up to 120 doses per minute, enabling significant efficiency for your oral solid packaging operation.

It’s also a perfect complement to the XR2 Automated Central Pharmacy System, a key component of Omnicell’s Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service. It produces unit dose cards that can be stored in the XR2 robot to support cart fill or cabinet filling. 

Efficiency Through Integration

The Central Pharmacy Blister Packager seamlessly integrates with Central Pharmacy Manager, enabling data to be shared with other Omnicell products. This eliminates duplicate data entry work and improves the management of medication inventory across all Omnicell products.



  • Packages up to 120 doses per minute, driving pharmacy throughput
  • Perpetual inventory management through integration with Central Pharmacy Manager
  • Packages most types and sizes of oral solids, and multiple blister sizes offer flexibility in packaging
  • 300 DPI printing ensures quality 2D barcodes
  • User-customizable labels
  • Tool-less filling system change-over
  • Multi-dose blister cards can reduce the number picks with the XR2 Automated Central Pharmacy System
  • Open design allows for low touch hazardous drug packaging
  • Easy to clean


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