April 29, 2019

Omnicell Opens Center of Excellence in St. Petersburg, Fla. Showcasing Innovation and Industry-Leading Medication Adherence Packaging and Pharmacy Automation

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL), a leading provider of medication management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies, today announced the opening of its new Center of Excellence in St. Petersburg, Fla. – showcasing the Company’s industry-leading medication adherence solutions through robotics, software, packaging, and an enhanced customer briefing experience. City Council Member Brandi Gabbard of District 2 will join Randall Lipps, chairman, president, chief executive officer, and founder of Omnicell, along with other senior Omnicell executives for an opening ceremony on Wednesday, May 1, from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. EST at Omnicell offices located at 2003 Gandy Blvd. N, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33702.

“Investment in new technologies and new products is an important source of economic growth for our region,” said Council Member Brandi Gabbard. “Omnicell’s investment in healthcare technology and robotics here in St. Pete aligns with our Grow Smarter initiative by adding jobs in one of our five major industry sectors.”

Omnicell has completely remodeled the St. Petersburg location to include a Customer Briefing Center that features pharmacy automation and software for medication adherence packaging and patient engagement. The center highlights the many ways this technology is revolutionizing the patient medication experience by eliminating manual tasks, allowing pharmacy to redirect resources to clinical activities that impact patient outcomes.

The Customer Briefing Center offers a collaborative environment where healthcare leaders, clinicians, and technicians can learn about the newest strategies and technologies to solve patient medication challenges. The center features Omnicell’s broad portfolio of workflow automation solutions to help health systems, long-term care, and retail pharmacies efficiently manage medications across all care settings.

“This significant investment in local talent and resources is meant to cultivate future innovation, in partnership with our customers, to improve healthcare for everyone through our differentiated platform, workflow automation, and predictive intelligence solutions,” said Randall Lipps.

Over 39 million Americans take five or more medications a day,[i],[ii] and medication non-adherence accounts for $100 to $289 billion annually and 125,000 deaths.[iii] Supporting the pharmacies that pack these medications is the first step in addressing this problem and empowering patients to take their medications as prescribed.

Omnicell produces more than one million single dose and multiple medication blister cards a day for pharmacies servicing skilled nursing facilities and retail patients with complex medication regimes. This includes SureMed® by Omnicell® Multimed Blister Cards, which clearly mark what medications to take at what time. The adherence packaging eases the burden of the patient or caregiver having to sort multiple medications and provides confidence that medications have been taken correctly.

By providing software and robotic pharmacy automation to fill these cards, Omnicell is helping pharmacists work at the top of their license. Eliminating inefficient, manual processes gives pharmacists more time to work directly with patients instead of spending much of their day behind the counter filling vials.

“As a St. Pete-based company, we’re proud to employ over 250 members of our community in our manufacturing facility here,” said Bruce Craig, Sr. Director Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management, Omnicell. “The role of the pharmacist in patient care continues to grow, and we are ready to provide the tools and support they need to scale their adherence programs and provide better care in their own communities.”

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