December 09, 2019

Omnicell and Huron to Provide Outcome-Based Professional Services

Mountain View, California

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ:OMCL), a leading provider of medication management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies, is partnering with Huron, a global professional services firm, to provide project implementation and change management services for customers adopting Omnicell technology. 

Today’s healthcare systems are challenged to leverage data and technology to optimize operations, improve clinical outcomes, and deliver a more consumer-centric healthcare experience. Yet, according to a study by the IT Research firm, The Standish Group, only 29 percent of healthcare IT projects are considered to be successful.1 

Recognizing the complexity of technology and the importance of a seamless implementation and integration experience, Omnicell has engaged Huron to provide customers dedicated expertise to drive faster adoption of their technology solutions and achieve better clinical and financial outcomes. 

“The growing complexity of healthcare technology means greater opportunity for mishaps, pitfalls, and mismanagement,” said Scott Seidelmann, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Omnicell. “Omnicell has made this decision to help our customers manage these complexities through proper project planning, direction, and governance structure that deliver, comprehensive outcomes-based success.” 

Huron’s experts will apply best practices and recommend a change management plan best suited for each unique engagement. Huron will provide project management and implementation support to enable adoption and align communication and governance with desired business outcomes. 

“As healthcare organizations and pharmacies increase the use of technology to improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes, ensuring adoption is critical,” said Allen Zimmerman, managing director and pharmacy expert in Huron’s healthcare business. “We are excited to work with Omnicell to align resources and deliver improved outcomes.” 

Professional Services are a key pillar of autonomous pharmacy, a roadmap to develop a zero error, fully automated medication management infrastructure. Leveraging automation, data intelligence, and expert services, the autonomous pharmacy will empower pharmacists, nurses, clinicians, and pharmacy staff to focus on patient and clinician satisfaction. 

About Huron

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