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August 16, 2017

Omnicell Announces Enhancements to its Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP) for Improved Patient Adherence and Pharmacy Workflow

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) today announced four new enhancements to its Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP)—a single, web-based portal that hosts functionality to guide and track patient notes, interventions, and appointments, providing the pharmacist with a holistic view of the patient. These innovations demonstrate the company's commitment to help improve patient outcomes and include a unique feature to enable targeted adherence interventions for patients new to chronic therapy. Additional enhancements include a Time My Meds® dashboard, single sign-on integration with third party software, and Immunization Solutions. Collectively, these features help better position pharmacists to provide personalized care to medically complex patients while maintaining effective workflows.

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More than 30 million Americans are taking five or more maintenance medications daily, however, as many as half of all patients who require medications to treat chronic conditions do not take them as prescribed.1,2 This accounts for 30%-50% of all treatment failures and 125,000 deaths annually.3Omnicell is committed to helping resolve our nation's non-adherence crisis with a comprehensive suite of solutions. The four enhancements announced today assist pharmacists with proactively identifying at-risk patients and better addressing their complex medication needs.  

"Pharmacists have a tremendous responsibility related to medication use," said Dared Price, PharmD, president of Graves Drug Stores. "PMAP's current features free-up time in the pharmacy that allows us to focus on what matters most—taking care of patients. The efficiency we've gained has also allowed us to better manage our operations as a whole, which is vital to our business."

New additions to the PMAP system include:

  • Targeted Adherence Interventions - Proactive engagement of patients at the time of their initial chronic disease diagnosis, which encourages positive adherence behaviors. This newest PMAP feature equips the pharmacy staff with timely, focused, script-supported interventions to help patients avoid problems related to non-adherence.
  • Time My Meds Dashboards - Dashboards from Time My Meds Medication Synchronization Software will provide pharmacists with individualized performance snapshots, including pharmacy-specific metrics on patient adherence, proportion of days covered (PDC) adherence analysis of stores' Medicare patients, medication synchronization program enrollments, and a comparative view against a broader set of similar pharmacies.
  • Immunization Solutions - Omnicell's Immunization Solutions help the pharmacy identify patients in need of vaccinations while simplifying pharmacist workflow and supporting financial success. This solution allows the pharmacy to work directly with the state immunization registries and automatically update patient vaccination records.
  • Single Sign-On for Integration with Third Party Software - Integration with iMedicare software enables pharmacists to view benefits, compare plan options, and quickly identify closed networks. With this feature, the pharmacist is able to assist patients in making informed choices about the Medicare plan options they prefer. Additionally, integration with Pharmacy Quality Solutions' EQuIPP provides a single platform for reconciling pharmacy performance data with benchmark-based quality measures.

These four enhancements to the PMAP platform give pharmacists turnkey solutions to improve medication adherence, helping to provide quality care for patients, enhance health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. In addition, they help streamline existing pharmacy workflow, increase patient loyalty, and improve pharmacy business health.

"Pharmacists are front-line members of the healthcare team, providing care for patients in the communities where they live, helping them to manage their chronic conditions, promoting self-care, and encouraging healthy adherence behavior. Their value to helping improve healthcare is enormous," said Rebecca Chater, RPh, MPH, FAPhA, director of Clinical Healthcare Strategy at Omnicell, Inc. "Omnicell is committed to providing innovative solutions such as these to allow pharmacists to be more effective and efficient in doing what they were trained to do—optimize medication use."

About Omnicell

Since 1992, Omnicell (NASDAQ: OMCL) has been inspired to create safer and more efficient ways to manage medications and supplies across all care settings. As a leader in medication and supply dispensing automation, central pharmacy automation, IV robotics, analytics software, and medication adherence and packaging systems, Omnicell is focused on improving care across the entire healthcare continuum—from the acute care hospital setting, to post-acute skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, to the patient's home.

Over 4,000 customers worldwide use Omnicell® automation and analytics solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce medication errors, deliver actionable intelligence and improve patient safety.

Omnicell's innovative medication adherence solutions, used by over 32,000 institutional and retail pharmacies in North America and the United Kingdom, are designed to improve patient adherence to prescriptions, helping to reduce costly hospital readmissions.

Recent Omnicell acquisitions, including Ateb, add distinct capabilities, particularly in central pharmacy, IV robotics, and pharmacy software, creating the broadest medication management product portfolio in the industry.

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