January 15, 2021

New Technology to Address Challenges in Health System Medication Management   

Podcast Episode 3

For help in mitigating issues presented by COVID-19, pharmacy leaders have leaned into technology to manage pharmacy operations, to standardize across the enterprise, and to inform other departments.  

Newly introduced technology addresses pharmacy leaders’ desire to achieve greater visibility, control costs, and better manage an increasingly volatile and complex pharmacy supply chain.  

Learn how these advancements enhance data intelligence, provides advanced automation capabilities in central pharmacy and at the point of care, and deliver technology-enabled services designed to simplify workflows, provide deeper insights, and streamline processes. 


  • Lani Bertrand, RPhSenior Director, Clinical Consulting, Omnicell 
  • Ken Osborn, Senior Director, Omnicell   

Lani Bertrand, RPh

Senior Director, Clinical Consulting, Omnicell 

Ken Osborn

Senior Director, Omnicell   


  • Ken Perez, Vice President of Healthcare Policy, Omnicell 


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